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“Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find THE OTHERS”
– Dr Timothy Leary


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“Welcome to the most ancient conspiracy on the planet. We’ve gone for so long now that we don’t remember what we were doing, but we don’t want to stop because we have nothing better to do.” - Fire Elemental




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"Stick apart is more fun when we do it together." - St. Mae


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“What the fuck is this? What is this? I don’t know. Maybe that is okay, not knowing, and maybe it…


“What the fuck is this? What is this? I don’t know. Maybe that is okay, not knowing, and maybe it isn’t. These words, these phrases, these assaulting passages that strike like a tsunami are shattering the windowpanes of pure consciousness and disturbing the foundations of what has been whispered into our ear, by a robotic earworm, lodged in there. This creature has been there, as early as our conception on this wet planet, a metaphysical and physical thing that destroys all forms of continuity, rational thought, and reality, spreading the seeds of this elusive thing that has been drilled and planted into us, under the guise of fiction/literature, this thing called… art. This isn’t a book. This isn’t literature. This isn’t normal. This will test you. And, the further you go, the more you realise, there is no goalpost, there are no markers to pinpoint and to use to map your way through it. It is this fusion of confusion and submerged identities and manifestos that screams for attention. It provokes you into skipping, forcing your way through the molasse of information and detail, and creating your own narrative from a cargo hold’s worth of words, letters, and protein grain ruining your vision. You end up flipping through it and hitting pause on your meat machine, exacting a robotic process, selecting a phrase, a passage, a page, scrolling through the digital device, the paperback, breaking conformity and poisoning the expectation-devil sitting on your shoulder, the little bastard. This book can be read. This piece of art can be used as a physical weapon. This isn’t the future. This isn’t the present. This is definitely not the past. It is the in-between stages of corruption and renewal. In the blink of an eye, what was once a familiar word or letter transforms into something altogether ultra. Vasicek and Siratori have created a massive nuclear bomb of a "book.” Augenblick is something altogether neu and alt. It is fucking impressive. “ Zak Ferguson (Author of My Body Meat & The System Compendium)

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source https://timoteopinto.wordpress.com/2024/03/19/what-the-fuck-is-this-what-is-this-i-dont-know-maybe-that-is-okay-not-knowing-and-maybe-it/


“The surreal saw of the body operates like this, with an acid human coefficient, and substantial…


“The surreal saw of the body operates like this, with an acid human coefficient, and substantial control by the path is interrupted by Janus seconds, focusing on the capacity for violence. Papa’s spirit has burned what is important as fun… to prevent the relationship from falling into dysfunction once, twisted genomes are rediscovered here, surviving in the cycle of death and orangutans charm. Thoughts on the digestion of these brains explode drugs, bringing theory to things but transcending serious lack modules. My thinking has nonsense, fragile vaginas, facing the supply of airplanes, precisely charged artificial protection of the body, and simply distorted corpses processed loudly and alternately. The reverse of music was thought to be quantum, not just AI. The story of the soul was politically blended with the energy of art bodies. Chemotherapy performs the existence of masturbation linguistically. The shrinkage of the gal march thinks about literature. Ecology and all the silence corrections are literary works of dreams. Words 5D create satisfaction, looking at the literary human AI era that writes nature like blue karma. Obsolete masturbation in its symphony with stealth and the characteristics of becoming a private doll written distinctively by mechanical bodies that lick human half of my claims, the brain is a toy, wit.”

source https://kstxiksc.tumblr.com/post/745210257113055232

source https://timoteopinto.wordpress.com/2024/03/17/the-surreal-saw-of-the-body-operates-like-this-with-an-acid-human-coefficient-and-substantial/





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Humans enjoy within the Buddha; I humbly rewrote it. Handling of children was mainly in various…


Humans enjoy within the Buddha; I humbly rewrote it. Handling of children was mainly in various exchanges of knowledge. Libido in sexual intercourse, increasing variations of masturbation, loss and reference, or declarative non-display. Messages through numerical teleportation perform old things externally. This perception contributes to consumption from the touch against spawning. Why did the idea go down for you?

source https://kstxiksc.tumblr.com/post/743394279849918464

source https://timoteopinto.wordpress.com/2024/02/26/humans-enjoy-within-the-buddha-i-humbly-rewrote-it-handling-of-children-was-mainly-in-various/


“Entity on an Impermanent Hall”


“Entity on an Impermanent Hall”

👁⃤X Digital art of my art series “Uri’s In-Between Worlds” based on the story “URI”.

The image, an ephemeral artwork just as a human life is, captures an entity appearing in an impermanent hall of the shifting mansion where Uri experiences his journey. It’s a small visual piece of the liminal (virtual, that is, existing but non-existent) film and video game URI, which for now is screened and played somewhere between our conscious and subconscious minds.

(0 ✘) POSTERS available on my shop: @ofb1t

The Uri Soundtrack is now playing on Youtube, Spotify and Bandcamp (available also on any other music service including ig and fb).

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ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ ᴀʀᴛᴡᴏʀᴋ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ʙʏ ᴏғʙ𝟷ᴛ

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source https://kstxiksc.tumblr.com/post/743306713711656961

source https://timoteopinto.wordpress.com/2024/02/25/entity-on-an-impermanent-hall/